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Crow River Audio is a manufacturer and distributor of audio gear, concentrating on the house of worship market.
Our area of expertise is hearing assistance or assistive listening, language interpretation and tour guide equipment with over 35 years of experience in this area.
We are also the exclusive U S distributor for Gentner and AvPRO brand products.

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Crow River Trading is a supplier of specialty electronics as well as hardware and fasteners to industrial and OEM markets.
We carry a wide range of hard to find carriage bolts and rubber feet and also are the manufacturer of specialty electronic devices.
Crow River Trading is the leader in parts and accessories for the collector and restorer of coin-operated machines. We have over 600 different decals, over 100 different globes, over 100 different locks, over 30 types of rubber feet and hundreds of other parts.
We are also the experts in all things related to products manufactured by A.B.T. Manufacturing and the J.F. Frantz Corp.
We also carry the largest variety of books related to coin-op collecting and in addition are the manufacturer of unique electronic items for the coin-op collector market.
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