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Daval Skill Thrill Parts:

Daval Skill Thrill Gun Game

PL054 Reproduction Plastic Top 65.00
MP079 Reproduction Back Door (unpainted) 60.00
MP079B Reproduction Back Door With Bell (unpainted) 85.00
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item is sold out.
MP041 Reproduction Gun Holder Assembly (unpainted, w/hardware) 45.00
We're sorry, this
item is sold out.
GL007 Side Glass 20.00
LK179 Replacement Lock (w/hardware and 2 keys) 12.00
LK179V Original New Old Stock Lock (w/hardware and 2 keys) 25.00
RF044 Set of Rubber Feet (w/hardware) 5.00
RF045 Set of Rubber Suction Feet 12.00

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