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The LCN-024 is a serial port interfaced, external device control board utilizing a preprogrammed PIC controller and is designed to control up to six individual DC devices, such as lamps or relays, in an on, off and blink mode.

Well suited to many control applications, it incorporates a crystal-controlled oscillator and employs a current sinking type output, 9 to 24VDC with a current limit of 1 Amp per channel.

The blink frequency and duty cycle are programmable from 0 to 60 seconds and 0 to 100% respectively with the default on and off times being 0.5 seconds.

Only 3 connections to a computer serial port are required, Tx, Rx and Ground, and uses an RS-232 communications protocol. The communications portion of the board is optically isolated from the light control portion.

Identical in function to the MST-24DC circuit assembly, the LCN-024 improves the speed and ease of installation using a 13 pin Molex header on the back of the board.

Easily controlled with the free, downloadable, HyperTerminal program. Custom programming options are also available for your specific applications.

The board has built in echoing of all received characters and even includes open bulb detection and reporting.

Measuring only 2.1" by 2.8", it is designed to fit into your larger control equipment with ease and includes 4 nylon mounting feet if needed.

The onboard microcomputer design has been proven in operation for over 10 years and is in use by major manufacturers of control equipment. It comes with a 1 year parts and labor limited warranty.

To download a copy of the specifications sheet as a PDF document, click here.

LCN-024   $129.95