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The C-MECH2T is a stand-alone output control board, also sometimes called a compiler board, and is designed to allow for a programmable number of input pulses before a controlled output pulse is delivered. This model has the option of controlling the length of the output pulse. Works with any device that uses a coin switch.

Designed primarily for the vending and coin-controlled industry, vintage equipment can be modified to allow for increased income without having to make any external modifications to the device.

The output on time can be adjusted from .5 seconds to 120 seconds. This is useful for timed operation devices and can be used as a replacement for air cylinder timed switches.

It includes two isolated inputs for machines that incorporate two coin slots, each programmable separately.

The output is through a relay, rated at 5A, 250V AC or 5A, 30V DC, and includes two isolated sets of contacts, both normally open and normally closed.

Connections are made through convenient terminal strips, one for inputs and one for outputs.

Measuring only 1.9" by 2.6", it is designed to fit into your existing equipment with ease using the 4 nylon mounting feet included.

It comes with a 1 year parts and labor limited warranty.

To download a copy of the instruction sheet, which also shows programming information, as a PDF document, click here.

(if you are looking for the instruction sheet to the older C-MECH1 board (12 dip switches instead of 11) click here)

C-MECH2T   $99.95