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J.F. Frantz Gun Game Parts List, Page 1

Not all parts shown are in stock and only a few are included in the shopping cart system.
     To order, send an e-mail including the part number and quantity needed and we will respond with the stock status.
          Some parts ship at a higher rate. Shipping costs will be quoted at the same time as availability.

Part No. Description Price
1562 Turret Plug 8.00 Click for Pic
1562-U Turret Plug (Used) 4.00 Click for Pic
2510 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw .50 Click for Pic
2510-U 10-24 X 1/2" Headless Set Screw (Used) 1.00 Click for Pic
4534 Steel Ball (Pistol) .50 Click for Pic
F1120 Skirt Nut .15
F1140 Wire Target Assembly - Bert 15.00
F1150 Wire Target Assembly - Pete 15.00
F1160 Wire Target Assembly - Dugan 15.00
F1170 Wire Target Assembly - Nick 15.00
F1180 Wire Target Assembly - Pedro 15.00
F1140-S Wire Target Assy Set - U S Marshal 65.00 Click for Pic
F1140-U Wire Target Assembly - Bert (Used) 10.00
F1150-U Wire Target Assembly - Pete (Used) 10.00
F1160-U Wire Target Assembly - Dugan (Used) 10.00
F1170-U Wire Target Assembly - Nick (Used) 10.00
F1180-U Wire Target Assembly - Pedro (Used) 10.00
F1190 Target Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1205 Score Decal - U S Marshal 8.00
F1230 Pulley Return Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1240 Painted Front - U S Marshal 65.00 Click for Pic
F1240-U Painted Front - U S Marshal (Used) 40.00
F1280 Front Casting - U S Marshal 95.00 Click for Pic
F1280-U Front Casting - U S Marshal (Used) 65.00
F1290 Front Casting Bolt .50
F1300 Target Reset Spring 6.00 Click for Pic
F1500 Leg Bolt Threaded Plate 6.00
F1500-U Leg Bolt Threaded Plate (Used) 3.00
F1520 Instruction Sheet 5.00
F1520-1 Instruction Sheet (Space Shot) 5.00
F1572 Thumb Screw 2.00
F1572-U Thumb Screw (Used) 1.00
F1620 Large Steel Coin Door 35.00 Click for Pic
F1620-A Large Steel Coin Door with Lock 45.00 Click for Pic
F1670 Target Reset Wire 8.00
F1680 Main Pan (Frantz) 75.00
F1680-U Main Pan (Frantz) (Used) 45.00
F1690 Main Pan Guard 10.00
F1690-U Main Pan Guard (Used) 6.00
F1700-S Guide Wire Set 10.00
F1700-S-U Guide Wire Set (Used) 6.00
F1720 Guide Wire Washer .10
F1730 Guide Wire Bolt .20
F1760 Plastic Front, U S Marshal 45.00
F1760G Glass Front, U S Marshal 85.00
F1761 Instruction Decal 6.00 Click for Pic
F1770 Front Rail, New Old Stock 45.00
F1770-U Front Rail (Used) 25.00
F1790 Coin Pan (Reproduction) 25.00 Click for Pic
F1790-U Coin Pan (Used) 20.00 Click for Pic
F1820 Leg Bolt 1.00
F1830 Back Leg Leveler 4.00
F1840 Rubber Foot 6.00
F1840-U Rubber Foot (Used) 4.00
F1870 Skirt Bolt .50
F1880 Skirt Washer .10
F1890 Skirt Hardware Kit 12.00
F1900B Legs, NOS, Black Painted, Set of 4 150.00
F1900P Legs, Used, Grey Painted, Set of 4 120.00
F2140 Wire Target Assembly - #1 15.00
F2150 Wire Target Assembly - #2 15.00
F2160 Wire Target Assembly - #3 15.00
F2170 Wire Target Assembly - #4 15.00
F2180 Wire Target Assembly - #5 15.00
F2140-S Wire Target Assy Set - Target 65.00
F2230 Pulley Spring - Challenger 3.00
F2280 Front Casting - Challenger 85.00
F2280-U Front Casting - Challenger (Used) 50.00 Click for Pic
F3205 Score Decal - Space Shot 8.00
F3280 Front Casting - Space Shot 95.00 Click for Pic
F3280-U Front Casting - Space Shot (Used) 60.00
F3760 Plastic Dome, Space Shot, Jr Dep Sheriff 95.00 Click for Pic
F3910 Space Shot Barrel Shield 60.00 Click for Pic
F3910-U Space Shot Barrel Shield (Used) 40.00
F3920 Barrel Shield Rubber Ring (3 required) 2.00 Click for Pic
F3930 Barrel Shield Metal Holder 6.00 Click for Pic
F5280 Front Casting - Coke 145.00 Click for Pic
F5500 Top Marquee - Coke 85.00 Click for Pic
F5910 Coke Barrel Shield 65.00 Click for Pic
F8280 Front Casting - Pepsi 145.00 Click for Pic
F8500 Top Marquee - Pepsi (Original, Unpainted) 85.00 Click for Pic
F8500R Top Marquee - Pepsi (Reproduction, Painted) 65.00 Click for Pic
F8910 Pepsi Barrel Shield 65.00 Click for Pic
F9020 Firing Lever Spacer 4.00
F9020-U Firing Lever Spacer (Used) 3.00
F9120 Screw 6-32 x 1/4", w/Lock Washer .30
F9400-U Front Casting Complete (Used) 165.00
F9450 Turret Plug Retainer 2.00
F9450-U Turret Plug Retainer (Used) 1.00
F9470 Front Casting 60.00
F9470-U Front Casting (Used) 40.00
F9480 Turret Swivel Bracket Mount 6.00
F9480-U Turret Swivel Bracket Mount (Used) 4.00
F9490 Cabinet Mount Latch 4.00
F9490-U Cabinet Mount Latch (Used) 3.00
F9500-U Pistol Assembly, Refurbished 300.00
F9500T-U Pistol Assembly w/Front & Turret, Refurbished 425.00
F9500TN-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 5c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9500TD-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 10c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9500TQ-U Pistol Assy w/Front, Turret & 25c Chute, Refrbshd 500.00
F9510 Shoulder Bolt 4.00
F9510-U Shoulder Bolt (Used) 3.00
F9520 Spring Washer 1.00
F9520-U Spring Washer (Used) .60
F9540 Chute Spacer 8.00
F9540-U Chute Spacer (Used) 5.00
F9560 Coin Deflector 4.00
F9560-U Coin Deflector (Used) 2.00
F9570 Coin Chute Bolt .30
F9580 Chute Return Spring 10.00
F9580-U Chute Return Spring (Used) 6.00
F9590 Chute Return Spring Bracket 6.00
F9590-U Chute Return Spring Bracket (Used) 4.00

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